Part Time Jobs in Bhubneshwar

If you are a student, a housewife, a retired person or even a working person in Bhubneshwar and want to make extra money then you will be happy to know that there are plenty of part time job options available for you. The best thing about these part time jobs is that you can work for only few hours a day on your free time and make money. The Bhubneshwar is a city where a lot of part time jobs available that requires different skills. You can choose the one that you find suitable for you and matches your timing.


Call center

There are a lot of call centers in Bhubneshwar and you can surely find a job in there for part time. The job options are:


•           Remote assistance

•           Customer care helpline

•           Telecommuting


These part time jobs are available for everyone who is good with spoken English. There are other options available in the call center industry too. You can even find a home based telecommuting job if you want to work from home. You can find job requirement information online and apply for the one call center job that suits with your requirement. The call centers provide you with training too.


Fast food restaurants

Part time fast food center jobs are also available in Bhubneshwar. These are ideal jobs for those who want to work for few hours a day to make extra money. T5he available options are:


•           Fast food restaurant part time manager

•           The counter manager

•           Fast food restaurant waiter

•           Fast food restaurant chef


These jobs are available for everyone with the required skills. If you live near a fast food restaurant then you can surely apply there as that increases your chance of getting the job. You can choose any time slot depending on your needs.



There are both online and offline marketing jobs available in Bhubneshwar. You can surely find some that match your needs. Few of the best options are:


•           Email marketing

•           SMS marketing

•           Telemarketing

•           Door-to-door marketing


These are the best options for part time marketing job seekers in Bhubneshwar. These jobs can be suitable for you if you are comfortable with communication and have convincing skills. The marketing jobs pay well and you can work when you are free.





Finding the jobs

The internet is undoubtedly the best place to search for these part time jobs in Bhubneshwar. There are many other job options too which are suitable for anyone looking for work that they can do in your free time. There are many online websites where the information is available and you can use those websites to apply online too. Find online reviews to know which websites are the best for you.