Part time Jobs in Event Management

If you have degrees and expertise in event management then there is plenty of part time job option for you. The event management is surely a very successful business and more and more people are hiring professional help to make their event special and successful. If you are interested in working as even manager or in any other part of an event then you can look for the options that you have. It requires you to be creative and methodical with a cool head. You can choose where to work and how many hours to work in order to take up the job as part time.


Your options

You have plenty of options to work in the event management industry for part time and make money. The event management is an interesting and exciting career option for the ones who have the required skills. Your part time job options in event management are:


•           Part time coordinator

•           Event consulting

•           Event hosts

•           Event planner

•           Performers for events

•           Event media manager

•           Event program writer

•           Technicians for events

•           Stage designer and manager


There are plenty of other options too. The event management is not a job that can be managed by one person. The event management requires a team and you can be a part of that team for part time as per your and the team’s requirements. You must have the right skills. There are few part time jobs in the event management industry which pay better than the other options.



The wedding event management is a huge task and there are plenty of people needed for the job as there are different aspects of wedding events which are to be taken care of. The best part time job options are:


•           Wedding light decoration

•           Wedding flower decoration

•           Wedding stage decoration and management

•           Wedding event planning

•           Wedding event time planner


Corporate events

The corporate events are huge and very important for different companies too. There are plenty of event management part time job options there for you. You may need to have special skills and some experience in order to get an important role in the corporate event management program. The best options are:


•           Event speaker and presenter

•           Event decorator

•           Event program planner

•           Event coordinator

•           Food management for event

•           Event performer

•           Event stage manager



There are many big parties which require event managers. There are plenty of management and decorating jobs that the big parties require. You can be one of the event coordinators or decorators according to y6our skills and requirements. However, you may have to look for the ones that match with your timing. You can apply in different event management companies.