Part Time Jobs in Indore

The city of Indore is known for its tourism, education and IT sectors. All these offers a great range of job opportunities for people who are looking for part time jobs. If you are a student or have a job but still want to make some extra money then Indore is surely a great place for you. There are a lot of opportunities for your part time earning if you have the right skills for the jobs. You can search online in different part time job searching websites to find the jobs of your liking. There are different kinds of part time jobs available in different industries.



The tourism is a big part in economy of Indore and there are plenty of part time jobs available in this sector for you. You can work part time as:


•           Tourist spot guide

•           Tourist spot ticket center clerk

•           Desk assistant in tourism offices

•           Accountant in tourism offices


You can surely get these jobs if you have command over spoken English. You can apply in the different tourism offices for the job that suits you the most.


IT industry

The Indore has an active IT sector with different information technology and software development offices. If you have the right qualifications then you can work as:


•           Software developer

•           Database administrator

•           System administrator

•           Content developer and manager

•           IT office assistant


There are plenty more part time jobs available in the information technology sector of Indore. If you want these jobs then you need to have proper qualifications including higher degrees in computer science. Some of these jobs are available from home too.



Indore has a lot of educational institutes and you can always get a part time job as supply teacher jobs in schools or tutor jobs in different private coaching sectors. The available part time jobs in educational sector are:


•           Supply teacher in school

•           Part time professor in college

•           Part time tutor in coaching centers

•           Online tutors


If you have graduation degree with honors or higher degrees in any subject then you can get these jobs. Some educational institutes may ask for teaching certificate too. You can apply online for these jobs.




Online jobs

There are plenty more online jobs available for the part time workers. The online jobs are best for making money in free time as you can work on your own time with online jobs. There are a lot of options available online and you can get anyone of them depending on your skills. Some of the best options are:


•           Data entry operator

•           Graphic designer

•           Web content writer

•           Email marketing operator


Choose from these or any other online jobs to earn whenever you are free.