Part Time Jobs in Jaipur

If you are looking for a part time job in Jaipur then you will be happy to know that there are many different options available for you. The best thing about these jobs is that you can look for the jobs in Jaipur according to your requirements and qualifications. You can make money easily if you are qualified for the jobs and get them. There are different kinds of jobs available in Jaipur, which are part time jobs, and you can find information about them from internet or local newspapers. You can then choose from the long list of jobs and apply for it.


Tourism jobs

The Jaipur is one of the world’s most famous tourist spots. The tourism business is a successfully running business in Jaipur and you can get different jobs in the tourism industry. The different kinds of part time jobs in this industry are:


•           You can become a part time guide

•           You can be a ticket counter clerk for part time in famous tourist spots

•           You can be a part time tourist bus or other vehicle driver

•           You can work as a part time clerk at different tourism offices


You need specific qualifications for these kinds of part time jobs in the Jaipur tourism industry. You need have these qualifications:


•           You need a good knowledge about the local history, legends and tourist spots in order to become a part time tour guide

•           The part time office clerk jobs require you to know different foreign languages with English being mandatory. You also have to be aware of paperwork

•           You need to have a driving license and have some knowledge about Jaipur tourist spots to become a tourist bus driver


Work in sales

There are many financial offices and stores in Jaipur where you can get a part time job as sales agent. These jobs are about selling products or convincing people to buy something or get a financial deal. There are many different kinds of part time jobs in the sales industry:


•           You can work as a part time sales man in stores

•           You can become a part time LIC agent in Jaipur

•           The part times roaming salesmen jobs are also available for you


The required qualifications for these jobs are:


•           Some LIC deparments or sales companies require you to have graduation degree for these part time jobs. However, not all the companies look for a higher degree if you have qualities needed to sale products

•           A basic knowledge of English is important for you


Online jobs

You can get online jobs that are offered by many offices in Jaipur. You can find part time online data entry jobs in Jaipur too. The jobs are available for everyone.