Part Time Jobs in Lucknow

Getting a part time job in Lucknow is not difficult as there are few great options available for you to choose from. The Lucknow is a city with great history and now it has become one of the most modern cities in India. If you live in Lucknow and want to work part time to make money then you have to first know what kind of jobs are suitable for you. There are different kinds of part time jobs available in Lucknow and you can get one according to your needs, qualifications and skills. The suitable part time job can really help you to make money by working on your free time.


Part time jobs in tourism

If you know about the local legends and history of Lucknow then you can easily work in the tourism industry of Lucknow which is actually very big. This city is a very famous tourist spot with many tourists visiting the city from all over the world. If you know few foreign languages, including English, then you can try to be a tourist guide. There are many agencies which hire part time tourist guides for different tourist spots in Lucknow. You can also work in different tourism offices as part time back office clerk or front desk clerk. You can get all these part time jobs if you match the requirements of those companies.


Part time teacher

There are many famous educational institutes and colleges in Lucknow where you can work as a part time teacher. However, these institutes maintain a high standard of education and they only hire qualified teachers for the job. You have to have a graduation degree with an honors degree on the subject you want to teach. The part time teachers need to take the classes when the permanent teachers are missing for some reasons. Some of the subjects that you can teach as part time teacher are:


•           History

•           Mathematic

•           Literature

•           English

•           Different languages

•           Music

•           Art


There are some other subjects to choose from as a part time teacher too.


Online jobs

You can easily get online jobs that you can do from your home. These kinds of part time jobs are available in Lucknow too. There are plenty of these options available for you. Few of the main ones are:


•           You can be a data entry operator

•           You can be a part time content writer

•           The part time proofreading jobs are also available

•           You can choose to be part time graphic and website designer


There are many other online part time jobs available for the qualified ones. You can use the job search websites to look for the online jobs which you can do part time as per your needs.