Part Time Jobs in Navi Mumbai

If you live in Navi Mumbai and looking for part time jobs then you will be happy to know that there are actually plenty of them available for you if you have the right qualifications. The part time jobs of Navi Mumbai are great for students, house wives and everyone else who want to work from home or in offices for part time. There are plenty of part time jobs available in the city with great variety. You can choose from a long list of part time job types as there are a lot of companies which hire people for part time jobs.



The BPO or call center jobs are available in Navi Mumbai and there are plenty of opportunities for aspiring part time call center operators. If you are interested in these jobs then you can go to different call centers or visit their websites or call their help lines to apply for a job. You can choose these jobs for you and work part time to make money.


The procedure to get these jobs is:


•           Apply for a call center operator post in BPOs

•           Appear for the interview on given date

•           Some companies ask for a graduation degree when some want only a 10+12 pass out degree

•           You will have a training period for conversation over phone

•           You will get the job if you qualify to be a call center operator


Media houses

There are many media houses in Navi Mumbai where you can get part time jobs as designers, photographers, journalists and many others. You need to have a professional degree or course certificate for the post you are interested in. You can use the websites of different media houses to know if they need a part time worker and then apply for it.


The procedure to get these jobs is:


•           You have to apply for the post online or directly in their office

•           Submit the required certificates with your resume

•           They will hire you as a trainee or as a part time worker if you qualify


Other options and finding jobs

Apart from these there are plenty of part time job opportunities in Navi Mumbai including work from home option. If you are looking for part time jobs that you can do from home then too there are lot of options for you like data entry, content writing, graphic designing, website designing and many more. You can look for these part time jobs in different job searching websites. You just need to search for part time jobs in Navi Mumbai and you will find a lot of attractive ones. Make sure that you choose a part time job that you are good vat to work better and make good money.