Part Time Jobs in Thane

The part time jobs are important for many people who want to work and make money on their free times. If you live in Thane and looking for part time jobs then you will be happy to know that there are actually plenty of them for you. The online part time jobs are surely the best choices for you as they come with lot of flexibilities. However, you can find part time office jobs in Thane too. If you have the right qualifications then you can choose part time jobs that you find suitable for you. Searching for the part time jobs is easy too with so many jobs searching websites available for you.


Online part time jobs

There are plenty of online part time job opportunities that you can find in Thane and work from home. The online jobs can be:


•           Data entry

•           Graphic designing

•           Website developing

•           Software developing

•           Content writing


If you want these online jobs then you can use the online job websites to look for them and then choose the one that you like the most. One thing is very important for you to remember that you need to submit some sample of your works in order to get the jobs. These jobs can be done at your own time and make good money out of them.


Part time teaching

Thane has a lot of educational institutes and schools where you can get a post as part time teacher. You need to have proper educational qualifications, including a graduation degree, to get these part time teaching jobs. There are plenty of posts for you in the educational sectors too. Some of them are:


•           Part time math teacher

•           Part time computer teacher

•           Part time science teacher

•           Part time English teacher


Apart from these, there are a lot of administrative part time jobs available in the educational sector. You can get these part time jobs too by applying on the institutes with proper qualification certificates.


Call center jobs

There are few call centers in Thane and they have opening for part time call center employees and phone operators. There are plenty of job opportunities in the call centers and you can always get these jobs by applying on the call centers. Many of the call centers don’t require any special qualifications except speaking English knowledge. You will have to take call center training from those call centers before getting the part time jobs.


Job website

There are many job websites that provide information about the3 part time jobs in Thane. You can use any search engine to find these websites and use their search tools to look for suitable jobs. You can surely find one that suits you and pays well.