Part Time Jobs in Vizag

The Vizag is a place where you can find a lot of part time jobs in different industries. There are a variety of part time jobs available in the city that you can get and work from both office and home. The best part about the part time jobs in Vizag is that you can work on your own time without disturbing your daily schedule. If you want a particular job then you must first have to find out what kinds of qualifications it requires. If you have that then you can apply. With the right skills, you can get the suitable part time job for you.


Marketing and sales

There are many online and office jobs available in the marketing and sector industry. You can look for the one that matches your free time schedule and make you enough money too. The available jobs are:


•           SMS marketing

•           Email marketing

•           Door-to-door marketing

•           Tele marketing

•           Departmental store manager

•           Sales representative


There are many other different kinds of these part time jobs available for you. You can use the internet to look for job opportunities and apply online. You can even go to the office directly to apply. The online jobs require no qualifications when the office jobs may require some depending on the nature of the job.


BPO and call center

There are some BPOs and call centers in Vizag which hire part time employees. If you are interested then you can surely contact the call center offices via their website or telephone. The available job opportunities are:


•           Customer care helpline

•           Remote assistance

•           Telecommuting

•           Customer care executive


The call center or BPO jobs are rather easy to get if you know spoken English well. You can apply for the job and if you have the proper skills then you can get the opportunity to join their call center training. Then you can get the job after the training period. The call center jobs are available for different time slots for your choice.


Data entry jobs

The online data entry jobs are one of the most attractive options for part time job seekers. The best thing about the data entry jobs is that they require not much qualification other than basic computer knowledge. You can get these jobs online and schedule your timing according to your needs. The part time data entry jobs can be of different kinds and they may require different kinds of times to be completed. You must always make sure that you choose a data entry job for part time that you can afford to complete in time. You must manage your time well and become a data entry operator in your free time to make money without messing with your daily routine.